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Astobiza Makoa

A single-plot Txakolí
75 cl.
94 Peñín
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Alcohol 12.50%
Production area Basque Country
Designation Txacolí de Álava
Winery Astobiza
Contains sulphites
Varieties 100% Hondarrabi Zuri
Service 10.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

White wine Respectful agriculture. 22 meses en lagares antiguos.

Style Astobiza Makoa
Less aromatic
Very aromatic
Seafood, White fish

About Astobiza Makoa

Txakolí is a low alcohol wine that is fruity, with good acidity, and made in the Basque Country. Thanks to the constant improvement in winemaking techniques and in the care of its vineyards, in recent years Txakolí has gone from being a wine for the locals to a product that is enjoyed all around the world. And although most of them are white and young wines, the truth is that more and more winemakers are daring to diversify by making red, sparkling or aged wines. Astobiza, a medium-large winery in the village of Okondo (Álava), knows how to champion local products like no one else and this is clear to see in their wines. They are all smooth, pleasant and appreciated, but each of them has its own uniqueness.

Astobiza Makoa is a white wine made from the native Hondarrabi Zuri grape variety. The vines were planted in 1996 on calcareous clay soil at an altitude of 250 metres above sea level and are cultivated with integrated production viticulture that respects the environment. The grapes are harvested by hand in small 7kg boxes and, once they reach the winery, vinification takes place at a controlled temperature and the wine spends 22 months in ovoid concrete tanks with its lees. Finally, it is bottled with a reductive aging that helps it to finish refining.

Authentic and unique with an impressive aging potential, Astobiza Makoa is a very special wine. A single-plot Txakolí whose quality is revolutionising the concept of a type of wine that until recently was considered a wine for the locals.



Astobiza Makoa 2016 is a white wine with spicy and balsamic aromas, citrus notes and hints of fresh herbs. On the palate it is long, fresh and powerful. A wine with a marked Atlantic character, very noticeable acidity, an unctuous mid-palate and a persistent finish.

94 Peñín
89 Suckling

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